Internship Positions Available

Do you know that we’re always on the look out for students from Graphic Design and Mass Comm courses who would like to be our interns?

If you’re a college student from either Graphic Design or Mass Communication and would love to gain valuable learning experience at our company, do email us!

As interns, you’d be with us any where between 2 months to 6 months.

What You Will Be Learning

You’ll be helping us in design work and content production work as well as learning how a real web design firm is run (we only do web design, web copywriting and web marketing so you’re really be learning some really in-depth stuff when you intern with Redbox Studio).

You’ll learn that there is a science to web design – it’s not just about being ‘creative’ or designing all the time. There are reasons why we do certain things.

For the past 13 years, we have been designing, writing and maintaining websites for a long list of Penang’s best companies and businesses comprising non-profit organisations, public listed companies, award-winning companies and more, such as:

* Penang Medical Practitioners Society

* Penang Bar Committee

* Adventist Hospital’s Vision Centre

* Tropical Spice Garden

* Blue Sail China Group

* Centre for Chemical Biology Studies USM

* Leader Cable Industry Bhd

Intern to Part-Timer…Why Not?

Your internship position can be turned into a part-time position if you show us that you can be a valuable addition to our team.


Contact us and let us know more about you!

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