How To Live An Extraordinary Life!

Being in business for the last 13 years, it’ll be an understatement if we said business is challenging. Business is not for the faint of heart as it will take up your time and it will drive you nuts sometimes.

Nic and I are oddly very resourceful and optimistic when it comes to challenges. Maybe it’s because we are both the eldest in our families. We’re bossy that way; we always have a need to lead.

I always say, we either rise above them and become better or we get eaten by them. Anyway, I’ve always lived with the adage that what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. That, and an undying belief and confidence in ourselves have kept us going especially in the early years of our business.

Now that we’re entering another phase of our business, we’re called to be more resourceful than ever. It’s challenging but it’s also full of adrenalin. (More of this coming soon when we are ready to reveal!)

Over the years, I’ve also discovered that who you are is as important as what business you are building.

Maybe you are just starting a business. Maybe you have just quit your job. Maybe you are seeking a new role in life. Whatever you do, always believe in yourself. Always know you can rise above your challenges and obstacles and overcome them. When you do, you are ready to tackle even bigger ones. That’s what keeps us all alive.

That is why this video below is a fantastic reminder of not losing yourself in the everyday – aim to rise above and beyond you.

Watch it and remember to remember! (Loved the music score which by itself, is also very inspiring!)

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