How Often Should I Update My Fans?

Was at a client’s office yesterday.

One of the key questions that she asked was this: how often do we need to update our fans who follow us on Facebook and our tweets on Twitter?

They said they were updating their Facebook statuses once every 3 days.


Was that enough to keep their fans and followers happy?

Now the thing with social media is this – and this is really our philosophy – update your fans/clients/customers/evangelists when you have something useful to say or share.

Take it one step further. If social media was a phone, would you be ringing up everyone just so you can share some inane thing?

Of course not.

Social media is not one-way radio broadcasting.

Social media is about being social though I don’t see it being very social these days.

Don’t Yell, Don’t Push

But I see lots of people consider it PUSH media. They push everything to everyone, not caring if that status update or tweet is moderately useful or not. Or if that message or status is helpful, worthy of being taken note of!

If you consider your fans as your true friends, would you spend all day annoying them with updates which are of no use?

It’s Not The Frequency!

It does not matter how frequent you update your status/page in Facebook or how many tweets you send out in Twitter.

What matters is what useful tips, ideas and concepts are you sharing with them?

If you have 10 useful ideas a day, then go ahead – share this. (But the better way is to space out your tweets and status updates so you are regularly seen as the idea expert.)

If you have only 1 useful idea a day, go ahead – you have every right to share it.

If you want to share personal details of your life (how pissed you are, how overjoyed you are) sure you can do it. It brings a very human face to your page/company. It shows you are human too and you are not some invincible super hero that fears nothing.

At the end of it all, what’s the big idea/goal about you being on Facebook and Twitter?

Take that big idea and ask if your updates help you achieve that big idea (or goal).

It’s not about being hip. It’s about reaching out, widening your sphere of influence and connecting with people who may not know much about you. Social media gives you access to people and you need to know what people want and supply this to them.

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