I’ve always been awed by how fast and furious Korean skincare and cosmetic brands infiltrate our Malaysian shores. It started with the BB Cream craze and I think the “madly in love with all things Korean” have yet to abate.

Korean cosmetics are great but their websites aren't!Once in a while, my cousin and I would go makeup shopping. Top of her list would be visits to Korean cosmetic shops and Queensbay Mall seems to have a proliferation of them! From Faceshop to Etude, from Elianto to Nature Republic, one can go literally quite mad over the selection.

And Cousin loves her white eye liner.

So one Saturday morning, we went to Nature Republic. She was on a hunt for her white eye liner which broke. On me, especially lining the bottom part of my eyes with white eye liner makes me look like a freaked out panda.

The end of the story is, we walked out of Nature Republic happier but a little broke because we ended up buying a number of skincare items. Penny, the sales girl, was not only polite but helpful in explaining to us what each product entailed and how to use it for maximum benefit.

I had a good impression of Nature Republic from the shop and its sales staff.

When I got home, I decided to check out their website and see what other products I didn’t have time to try out.

And that’s when I got miffed at the content on their website.

As a content person, I get understandably upset when I read awful stuff. Now this was beyond awful.

Tell me, what is ‘undiscoverable nature’? How does it bring ‘the beauty and energetic life style’?

And what’s this about “redefines the beginning of nature with the touch of refined and modernized style”? What the heck did that sentence just say?

The only sentence I understood and didn’t sound like rubbish was the 3rd paragraph.

Here’s the exact content copied off their About Us page.


Nature Republic introduces the undiscoverable nature which will bring the beauty and energetic life style.

Nature Republic redefines the beginning of nature with the touch of refined and modernized style. In addition it introduces the unaltered Mother Nature’s great energy and genuine colors. “A sense of the Beginning” is brand philosophy that the Nature Republic promises to the world.

Nature Republic’s products have been researched, designed and developed according to the great nature’s beauty secret and uses extraordinary natural ingredients from all over the world.

The products consist of skincare derived from pure nature, body & hair care with full energy from the great earth, and makeup with undiscovered colors of the great nature.

Experience the Beginning of Nature’s energy and life, which has never been introduced to the world before until now through the full range of the Nature Republic’s products.


So what’s the morale of the story?

Korean skincare is fabulous in many ways – their scents, their packaging, their brand promise. I don’t know if the copywriter was Malaysian or Korean but the content on the Nature Republic website should be changed immediately. What this shows is a lack of research and poor writing. A lack of research shows because if the copywriter got more details from the client, he or she would be able to write a lot more clearly, describe more vividly and enthrall the reader to whip into their store for more makeup buying.

When I read the above content, I went “Bleh”. So you see, your website is part of an overall suite of marketing tools. It’s not just the physical store you have to pay attention to, it’s also your website, brochure, postcards whatever. Each touch point must get better and better.

And while I’m grousing here, don’t even get me started on this line (again, found on their website): “Enter Nature Republic Online Store Here !!!!!!!”

What’s up with the multiple exclamation marks? A sign of distress? A sign of not knowing how to use the exclamation mark properly?

I don’t know if it’s a curse to be able to spot crap writing each time I go to the mall but I really hope someone at Nature Republic will take note of this.

To be fair, it isn’t only Nature Republic skincare which gets it all wrong. I’ve seen major brands get it all wrong too but my issue is this – I had a great experience at their store but when I went online to find out more, I was gobsmacked!






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