How Do I Promote My Book Online?

A friend emailed me just this week asking for help. You see, she publishes books and wants to know how she can use her website or any online marketing strategy to help her market the books.

Samantha asks (and this is a perennial question) “how does one get ranked well in search engines?”
She believes ranking well will bring in the buyers for her books.

Below is my answer to her.


Hi Samantha

Glad you asked.

Google likes to know who or which website is linking to you – the better/more credible the website, the better it likes you and your book/product gets found faster. If you get a college or university linking back to you, the higher you rank.

Also, who is talking about your book. Do people talk about it? What are they saying? Get people to blog or write or say things about your book. This makes your book more visible and more rank-worthy.

If you want to raise up the ranks faster, you can try paying for Google advertisements or Adwords. This is another method of promoting your book but it costs money. How much depends on how much you are willing to spend each day.

What you do is, you create ads and choose keywords- the words or phrases related to your business. In your case, you might choose “christian books”, “religious publication” or “self help book” as keywords.

The idea is, when people search on Google using your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results.

You can set the amount you want to pay for this advertising method – how much per click on the ad are you willing to pay? It could be 10 sen per click on your ad with a daily budget of RM10.

Also, you can target a specific region – you can target Malaysia or international.

What else can you do? You may also want to read about these 24 website promotion tips we wrote.

These are ideas you can use to promote the books you are selling.

The idea is, have the book featured/inserted in your website but promote it like mad. 😉 Have people link to the book, have people talk about the book and have people linking back to your website.

The key thing is, Google loves quality content and quality backlinks. Make sure you get these covered.


How about you? What methods have YOU used to promote your business or products?

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  1. Hi, as I said I was having difficulty using your site, due to the twitter and facebook bar being in the way and blocking a substantial proportion of the screen.

    Also please, would like any assistance in creating an “effective” page turning format for my up and coming book?


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