How To Engage The 5 Senses of Your Customers

how to make your customers shop moreJust because we design websites for business does not mean we don’t get beyond our digital world.

In fact, we love going offline.

Because lots of what we know and love about marketing and business strategy really comes from human interaction.

I came across this post about using aromas to tempt and tantalize and engage the senses of your customers.

It’s true because how many times have we felt obligated to buy a food product after we’ve stood around and sampled noodles/cakes/ice cream/energy drinks etc. in the supermarket and got into the idea that hey, the food actually tastes pretty good. We then buy the product.

If you run a cafe, restaurant or supermarket, this article (which includes a video) will give you extra ideas to keep your customers lingering… and buying!

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