How To Engage The 5 Senses of Your Customers

Just because we design websites for business does not mean we don’t get beyond our digital world. In fact, we love going offline. Because lots of what we know and love about marketing and business strategy really comes from human interaction. I came across this post about using aromas to … Read more

Didn’t Want To Do Stock Checking – That’s How We Started

Last week, I had the opportunity to share about our entrepreneurial journey at Sembang-sembang (which means Casual Conversations) with a group of ladies. Sembang-sembang is a monthly networking session for women entrepreneurs and women wanting to go into business. This event, although held for the first time in Penang, has … Read more

How Do I Promote My Book Online?

A friend emailed me just this week asking for help. You see, she publishes books and wants to know how she can use her website or any online marketing strategy to help her market the books. Samantha asks (and this is a perennial question) “how does one get ranked well … Read more