Website Case Study: How A Reflexology Business Uses Its Website To Get More Business

Starting this month, we will be running a series of case studies to profile our clients. In the process, you’ll be able to learn how we work and why we do the things we do.

As we’ve been in the web design and web marketing business for 13 years, we’ve done website redesigns and website designs as well as e-commerce designs for clients from a variety of industries. In each of the case studies, we will show you how you can amplify your business and create instant credibility online.

Zen Wellness Spa Batu Feringghi Penang

They Needed A Website For Marketing

When we met the business manager of Zen Spa, they were just about to open for business. This was some 3 years ago. But they were smart enough to recognize that they needed a website to help them sell far and wide. After all, they were in the tourist belt of Batu Feringghi.

Zen Wellness Spa wanted a website which would help them sell their services and convince clients they were credible and trustworthy and definitely not the fly-by-night outfit.

In this case, we were entrusted to help them create website content, design their website and once the website was live, help them manage, maintain and update the website.

What’s Unique About Them

Before any website design happens, we first have a long discussion with the client. We want to find out all about them. Sometimes clients will overlook things which can be used as a point of differentiation. Points of differentiation are important. If your business is doing what the other businesses are doing, you won’t be able to last very long in business.

We always ask – “what’s unique about your business?” to all clients.

They readily underscored 2 important factors – they were affordable (despite being located in Batu Feringghi) and that they were not to be lumped with the rest of the dodgy, no-license spas. They had trained masseurs and therapists in a fully licensed centre.

After our in-depth interviews, we decided to approach the problem by writing for the Zen customer. As you can see, we don’t begin with design first.

Starting With Content

We start with content. For most people, content is secondary while design/ the visuals are of utmost importance. Not so with us.

We imagined ourselves as a Zen Spa customer.

What would we need to know before we book a massage, reflexology session or even manicure? We dug around and came up with real reasons why people who love massages or reflexology should try a session at Zen Spa.

Taking these ideas and transforming these into tangible benefits, we designed a website which inspired calmness and peace, besides being extremely trustworthy and credible.

Attention To Colours, Content & Photos

Everything on the website was written and designed to let the customer know that Zen Wellness Spa was the spa to go to if you are in Penang. We pay incredible attention to details such as photos, graphics and colour combination.

Aside that, we know it can be quite an alien experience for most newbies to massage. We calm their fears by outlining exactly what they’d see, hear and experience when they walk into Zen Spa for a massage session.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Information

Since we know tourists and travellers have extra questions, we created a Frequently Asked Question page to answer more questions. The idea is, give your customers all the information they need to choose you. Far too many websites reveal too little, much to their detriment. If you are upfront and honest and what you reveal is true, your customers will immediately feel at ease with you.

Once you answer all their pressing questions and are up front with your rates, your customers will be totally at ease when they enter your shop or business premises or request a quote. They are not fearful of any ‘hidden’ terms and conditions.

Photos are used liberally to show how the interior of the reflexology centre looks like. We encourage real photos, rather than stock photos, because customers want to see how the business looks like. It’s just human curiosity but if you help them satisfy this curiosity, they will put their trust in you.

Yuna, owner of Zen Wellness Spa

Yuna, the Korean owner of Zen Wellness Spa was amazed by the results when their website was launched. Yuna was hard to get hold of as she’s mostly kept busy by her bustling business (which is actually a very good thing indeed! It shows the website has become a wonderfully efficient marketing tool).

Results: 70% Customers Come Via Website

When we met her at Island Plaza for a quick chat, she was almost too eager to convey her thanks and appreciation. Many know of Zen Wellness Spa through her website which inspires confidence immediately. Many email to book the services they want even before they get into Penang.

Yuna says, “Some 70% of our customers come to us via our website! Many people find us when they search on Google about what to see and do in Penang before they come to Penang. When they come here, they already know about our spa and come for our spa services, thanks to the website you built for us.”

This means they have already won over their customers even before they set foot in Penang.

Isn’t that fantastic?

*In this website design project, we were involved in creating content from scratch, designing their website and once the website was launched, we help them update and manage the website. We also help the client with search engine optimization as well as teach them how to market using some of our own tried-and-tested web marketing strategies and online techniques.

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