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Friday was an unbelievably busy day for us.

We had a meeting with a client (actually their entire marketing team) for a new website development project over in Prai.

For us, developing a new website often means having discussions with the marketing department people because let’s face it, a website is a marketing tool. It is NOT under the purview of the IT Department, no matter what anyone says.

At least this client gets it and they are eager to learn. It was honestly refreshing to talk to the marketing people and get to know what drives them and their goals and how to incorporate these objectives into their new website.

We can’t tell you much as it is still early days but more will be revealed – this promises to be quite exciting as we have a bunch of ideas on how to help them gain more ground in their business and marketing. This is what gets us excited – helping real businesses who really want to use a website in their marketing. And they completely understood it when we told them that it should be full of good quality content.

Friday was also a time for us to pop by to see another client, Graeme of Condo Penang. He was exhibiting at the 6th Penang Property Expo over at PISA.

Condo Penang's booth at the property expo
Condo Penang's booth at the property expo

Graeme’s project – Condo Penang – is something we are proud of, as well. He came to us with a idea and we turned that idea into a reality for him. It is one of those rare times where we said yes because developing websites like these take a chunk of time.

The Condo Penang website helps people who are interested in investing or buying property in Penang. It also helps Penang’s real estate agents and property developers. His website connects all these people brilliantly.

His website shows you the exact location of the property you’re interested in as a 3D building on a map.

His idea came from his own frustration at the inability of most people (and foreign buyers) to imagine where other landmarks, malls, hospitals or amenities are and he thought if he could let people see how Penang looked like, and the exact location of the properties or condominiums in Penang, it would be fabulous. At least, now you know what you’re buying and where.

As it was still a newly launched website, he was excited to share this with Penang folks. He took up a booth at this property fair and decided to see what the public had to say. And most people (mostly strangers) asked him this: “How are you going to make money with this?”

Oh for god’s sakes. And so he placed the book “What Would Google Do?” by Jeff Jarvis on his table, hoping visitors would get the hint. No one apparently did. Sheesh!

The idea that’s way too prevalent these days is that people do things for money. Passion? What passion? So in this case, visitors wonder aloud (a bit too loud I must say) at Graeme’s boldness in creating a website which is actually a damn fine service for anyone looking to buy apartments, condominiums or homes in Penang. Instead of thanking him, they nose about and wonder, OK, so how does this Mat Salleh make money?

Did Google start with thinking, let’s create a search engine to make money? Or did they start with, let’s create a search engine that’s better than what we have out there.

But then again, we could be the minority to believe in passion. Lots of jaded people believe in money first. Passion, if it happens, happens. If it doesn’t, who the hell cares? We pity people like these.

Graeme was surprised to see us
Graeme was surprised to see us

We thought he could do with our support and turned up, despite the rain and parking woes (ah, PISA doesn’t have enough parking bays) on a grey Friday evening.

Nic with Graeme of Condo Penang - by the way, Graeme loves Penang!
Nic with Graeme of Condo Penang - by the way, Graeme loves Penang!

And a couple more photos over at our Facebook page.

Anyway, we’re off to attend the Online Information Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong next week so I hope to be able to share and blog more when we’re there. (Also, we have another agenda – to catch the Hong Kong Arts Festival too!)

P/S: In case you’re interested in Graeme’s website and its possibilities, email him (admin at condopenang dot com).

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