What Makes A Website Look Horrible….

What makes a website horrible or cheap or tacky?

We’ll tell you. Over the years, we’ve seen some truly cheap and bad website designs.

Here’s a list of what NOT to do when you are thinking of getting your website designed.

1. Advertising

We still don’t get it why perfectly sustainable businesses need to insert Google Ads and all sorts of blinking animated advertisements into their websites. It tells your customers that you don’t get enough customers and need to survive on revenue from advertisements to keep ya going!

What sort of message is this to new customers and prospects? Are you in the business of getting advertisement revenue or in the business you thought you were in? Make up your mind and stick to one. Sure, some smart aleck will say – “But why leave money on the table?” But really, are you THAT desperate you need those few clicks and those few cents? As the Zen master would say, FOCUS. And by that, we mean focus on your real business.

2. Colours & Background

The easiest way to get your website looking cheap is to use the brightest, most blinding colours you can find. On top of that, use ALL the colours from colour palette. If it isn’t colourful, hey, it ain’t design! And make the company logo as big as you possibly can. And add on the exclamation marks too – the more, the better.

And that’s not all. Notice that empty space called the website background. Make it as ‘busy’ and as ‘textured’ as it can be. If text cannot be read on this background, it’s OK. No one reads text anyway.

3. Banners and Graphics

Another way to make your website look cheap is to stick all sorts of graphic banners on your website. Banners need to be colourful too. If they are not colourful, they’re not worth the money.

The banner copy is always a big issue too. When the copy emphasizes everything, the copy emphasizes nothing.

4. Typography

Another area which screams juvenile is the use of typography. In the case of ugly websites, it is the misuse of typography. Typography really is another way of representing emotions and feelings.

Many designers do not understand the intrinsic qualities of fonts they use. Just because they can pick and use fonts they like doesn’t really mean they should use every font they want to. Just like the use of colours, the use of the correct font conveys the appropriate style (and yes, a website must reflect the personality and style of the business).

Words are often cramped together. There are no major areas for the eyes to focus on to begin reading. Every headline fights for attention.

5. Photography

Back in the days when photos were hard to come by, many websites had to use their own photos. When stock photos these days are cheap and plentiful, website designers often resort to these resources. In this case, bad websites often contain TOO many stock photos, turning the website into one that is totally without personality!

If we’re talking about our Malaysian business climate, let’s be honest. While stock photos with Caucasian models are all right to look at sometimes, an overuse of these photos tend to make websites look annoyingly fake and over the top. We always say, the real people in your company are always a better idea. They don’t always have to look like models – they just need to look real.

These are just some of the things we noticed about ugly websites which scream cheap, pretentious and horrible.

If You Care About Your Image & Business…

If you are a business owner, let your website designer know you need to project a good image, not one which tells the world your business is as tiresome, tacky and shabby as your website.

A website meant for marketing and positive brand image is neat, clean, professional and stylish.

A website meant for marketing and positive brand image inspires confidence and goodwill (with enough breathing space too).

The next time you get a website designer to work on your website, make sure he does not commit these 5 sins above!

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