Asking The Most Important Question in Marketing

I posted a status update on our Facebook page recently which went like this:

When you write (especially copy for marketing), always ask yourself: who am I targeting? Writing without a target in mind is like driving a car to nowhere. Many a time people are so excited about targeting everyone that they eventually reach no one!

Walter, an artist and a friend on Facebook, asked me: “Do you think that this targeting thing works for art as well?”

This was my reply to Walter (and since I replied his message, I decided why not share the reply here as well):

Hi Walter

Yes, I do. Find out who these art appreciators are and target them.

When you write copy, write with these people in mind.

What do they want to know?

What they want to know may be totally different from what other non-art people want to know.

They may want specifics. They may want to know the story and idea behind the piece. They may want to know if you can ship overseas. Things like that.

When I posted that status, I was writing for a client who seems not to understand this.

Her product targets business buyers but it seems she wants to overload her website with information for end users (whom she isn’t targeting).

So she is quite confused about who she really wants to reach.

I suggested that if the bottomline to her is about getting the companies to understand and buy her products (which eventually will be sold to end users), she should just focus on the companies.

Of course she can still target end users but that is another website, with another kind of copy.

Copy targeted at companies is different from copy for end users.

End users can have manuals, how-tos, FAQs, downloads etc. but companies would like to know things like “how does the product work” and “why should we collaborate with you on this?”

Why Separating Stuff Is Sometimes A Great Idea

It works the same with my company.

We design premium websites for businesses so that’s marketed under my main brand, Redbox Studio. These websites are produced using our expertise not just in web design but also marketing and copywriting.

These websites truly are designed to help businesses market themselves visibly and confidently online. These websites aren’t for just about anyone. They’re usually targeted at business owners who have been in business for 2 years or more and have an idea of what they want. Or if they’ve had a bad website and they want us to help them fix that. Or if their webmaster refuses to answer their calls.

However, we understand that some people may have just started their businesses and may be on a budget or just want to test if their business idea works. They may not yet have RM10,000 or more to invest in their website but they still want to go online with a website that’s professional and stylish.

For this purpose and for this category of new businesses, we offer a website system called for them.

It’s a self-managed website that they can easily update and maintain on their own for a super affordable price of RM399 per year without sacrificing any of the much needed marketing features that we build into our premium websites.

We could have promoted RedboxEasyweb on our Redbox Studio website but we decided that these products and servicea appeal to 2 different target markets. Therefore we created another website to promote this affordable website system.

The people who go for Redbox Easyweb want a web presence but they also have a tighter budget. They have ample time to update their website or they want to maintain their websites on their own. They like this flexibility. The content over at the RedboxEasyweb website is written to fulfil these needs.

On the other hand, people who visit are people who are most likely to outsource website maintenance to us because they are too busy to maintain on their own or they want our input and guidance because we have been in this industry since 1998.

They want a marketing tool, not just a web presence. They are already beyond web presence. They want to make a dent in their industry… in a good way of course.

They want ROI and know that a well-designed and well-maintained website (polished, stylish, elegant) can do wonders for their profile especially in attracting prospects. So these people come to us and the content written for this group is different because we address different needs.

So yes, I hope I have answered your question ;-).

We own a number of different websites for different purposes because our target markets are all different. Targeting helps you drill down and define the group most likely to buy from you and this helps you sell better.


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