Your Website Kaizen

How often do you look at your own website?

Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?

We look at our website at least twice a week. We’re not narcisistic; we look at our website so we can continually improve our marketing tool. If you don’t sharpen your own tool, who’s going to do so?

The Japanese have a word for continuous improvement – it is called Kaizen.

It just means you don’t have to overhaul your website all the time. It means you can make small improvements each day or each week and in a year, you would have made 52 tiny adjustments. First, it’s easier and less stressful. Second, it bears results.

So the next time you want to log on to Facebook or your favourite news portal, stop. Take just 10 minutes to visit your own website. Look at it critically.

You can start with these 5 questions:

1. How can we make it easier for our website visitors?

2. How can we make it clearer for our website visitors?

3. What information is outdated and needs replacing?

4. What links are broken and need fixing?

5. What exciting/new things are we doing now that we need to put on our website?

Do you have a question on web design, marketing or copywriting for us? Ask away! We’ll be happy to answer your questions. Who knows, it may even become a blog post here!

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