Looking Out for Interns & More

It’s been a bit crazy here in our studio but our aim is to get all the needed work done before we take a long break during Chinese New Year. January always feels rather rushed and hurried.

Nic’s starting his free workshop series again, after a short break last December. He has been giving one free talk every month since August 2009. Basically we have a couple of topics – right now, what’s most popular is ecommerce, how to market one’s website, how to use one’s website as a marketing tool and of course, social media like Facebook and Twitter.

We’ve been getting lots of requests to get a social media workshop going and trust us, we are working on it. Clients of ours will of course get the first preview when we do organize a social media workshop.

We’re really excited because we intend to do many things this year. One of our main goals is to write our book on the Redbox X-Factor. This will be the key to unlocking the secrets of a successful website.

We are also on the look out for interns – if you know of any students who want an opportunity to work, earn and learn at the same time, let them know of us. We need students who can design and students who can write. Part-time or full-time basis are both OK options with us.

We also launched a couple of new websites last December.

One of them is Dr Aaron Lim’s i-Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre website. Dr Aaron Lim is one of Penang’s leading orthopaedic surgeons – a fun and totally down-to-earth personality. I always feel like a midget when I go to his clinic (located inside Island Hospital) because his table and chair heights are custom-made for the tall person that he is! (And I always considered myself rather tall at 169 cm).

You can see his i-Sports website at: http://i-sports.com.my
We’ll elaborate more on that later and give you a closer look at how we designed and conceptualised his website from the ground up, and how Marketing is built into the website.

And as always, feel free to ask us any question you have about marketing and content.

Of course the other better way to get to know us is to attend Nic’s talks and talk to us about what you want to know. The reason we’ve resorted to doing monthly free talks is that we can gather like-minded people in a room to share information and knowledge.

Till our next post, have a great week ahead!

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