Ever Walked Away From Money?

Have you ever walked away from a potential business?

Said no to someone who was eager and ready to be your customer?

And why did you do that?

Aren’t all customers the same?

It’s money really when you think of it.

And why say no to cold hard cash?

Because we have principles.

Because when you associate with us, we want to be as proud of you as you are as proud of us.

Because it’s a win-win relationship we are aiming for.

Not a typical client-web design where the relationship is unequal. Either the client bullies the web design firm/web designer or the web designer shuts up and does whatever the client asks him to.

We say,”Don’t pimp yourself. Have some dignity to walk away.”

We’ll evaluate you just as much as you evaluate us. The thing is, what we do and advise you to do will make you money. Guaranteed. But only if you follow the method closely.

We want to work with you for the longterm so we need to choose carefully. And we will evaluate your business and its products. If the products do not fit in with our philosophy and principles, we are willing to walk away from the business.

You see, while money is important to us, our integrity matters even more.

We’ve said no before because we do not want to be associated with certain businesses due to the nature of their business and the products they sell.

Have you ever walked away from money before?

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