Why It’s OK For a Truck To Crush Your Laptop…

This is really ingenious and it always comes from clever, creative people.

Google takes the praise for this “book” which helps you understand what those tough, complex stuff are – you know, your Internet, when it started, why it matters (and that is why it’s OK for a truck to crush your laptop because cloud computing makes your info retrievable…) and of course, we all love a good book.

This book reads like a real book.

You can flip pages.

The illustrations are just the ones you get in any wonderful children’s book – in Google hues of course. You should know where it is leading to. It espouses the usefulness of Google World. Actually it’s slowly influencing you to change your web browser to Google Chrome. It’s good though because newer browsers are better. (By the way, are you still using the outdated Internet Explorer browser?)

Marketing genius aside, read it for information. For added know-how. As a refresher.

Go on, click the link below. It’s worth your time.

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and The Web.

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