Do I Look Fat To You?

I know everyone loves The Biggest Loser Asia reality programme on TV.

I like it a lot too, if only to watch the constant relationship issues (OK, arguments!) among the contestants. In every TV show, there’s just someone we love to hate – that’s the main villain. It keeps us all glued to the box.

So I get it when everyone is image-conscious. We all want to look slim and young and confident. We all need to feel good. And I think there is nothing wrong with that. (I keep slathering moisturizer on my neck just so I can prevent the wrinkles from forming.)

This was something I was talking to Nic about just this week.

Each time I go to an event, be it social or not, someone inevitably will be an agent for slimming potions, rubs, pills and health drinks.

To me, it’s all perfectly fine. I mean, that is YOUR business and if you have had great results and decide to pursue the business as your own, it’s fabulous.

But the problem with most people is, they don’t stop to think that just because someone gave you their email or mobile number does not mean that person gave you permission to market everything to them!

And since when is EVERYONE your prospect?

That’s the biggest lie in the world. Everyone is NOT your prospect.

Just last week I was at an event where this lady who doesn’t know me gives me a flyer about weight loss! I’m amazed at her audacity because frankly, I don’t think I am fat. Oh sure I have some tummy flab but generally I am quite all right. I don’t go around moaning that I’m fat and need to go on a diet. I don’t. I just plain don’t.

So what gives?

The first rule of marketing is: have you even determined the NEEDS of this prospect? (Did I wail to you that I have put on 200 pounds? No? Then why in the world did you think I need a weight loss programme?)

The second rule of marketing is: don’t give stuff that people don’t need. It’s a waste of time. Preach to the converted – it’s much easier.

Another lady whom I met once keeps sending me SMSes about weight management too. Damn.

Being Asian, I am too polite to reply her SMSes.

Maybe I should.

Maybe I should just tell her, “Look, do I seriously look fat to you? I think you need to get your eyes checked!”

If I am fat, oh boy, the rest of the world needs to be in The Biggest Loser Asia.

So put on your marketing glasses before you start promoting your service or product.

The next time someone comes along and shoves a weight loss brochure at me, I am so going to be RUDE.

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