Here’s To 2011…Press To Pause!

It’s incredible how fast the year has flown. How has it been for you? Have you achieved your goals in 2010? Which ones have you been most proud of? It’s normal to get a little pensive, even reflective as the year closes. I get a little sentimental too as the … Read more

How To Get Sponsors To Say Yes To Your Event

One of those things I get a lot is fundraising for charity in the form of emails and appeals for help. Penang is definitely a city for lots of generous and warm-hearted people but if people get bombarded with too many “help me, help my organization” pleas, they get tired. … Read more

Do I Look Fat To You?

I know everyone loves The Biggest Loser Asia reality programme on TV. I like it a lot too, if only to watch the constant relationship issues (OK, arguments!) among the contestants. In every TV show, there’s just someone we love to hate – that’s the main villain. It keeps us … Read more

How Do You Price Your Product?

How do you price your products? Do you magically pick a number out of your favourite numbers? Do you think long and hard? Well, here’s an article which explains the psychology behind price points and what you should do if you want to sell better. Sometimes it’s the same thing … Read more

Why It’s OK For a Truck To Crush Your Laptop…

This is really ingenious and it always comes from clever, creative people. Google takes the praise for this “book” which helps you understand what those tough, complex stuff are – you know, your Internet, when it started, why it matters (and that is why it’s OK for a truck to … Read more

Are Your Photos Ignored?

Yes. Strange question but useful (as you can see in a while). Are your photos on your website being ignored by your web visitors? What types of photos garner the most interest? Can you load up a bunch of stock photos if you don’t have real photos? Now the answer … Read more