The Redbox X Factor Workshop

For the past year and a half, we have been organizing free talks on the last Thursday of each month.

Last Thursday we experimented – instead of a talk where participants just sat and listened, we organized a workshop where participants had to engage in some ‘work’.

(Did I also mention that 2 of the participants were from our last October talk? They enjoyed getting so much value from our free talk that they just went and signed up for our free workshop immediately after that. How cool huh! Thanks Fazlu and Sangara for your enthusiasm and support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!)

Participants learning about the X Factor and how it helps their business
Participants learning about the X Factor and how it helps their business

Well it was good work as they all went home with a clearer idea of their business, who they wanted to target and much more.

In fact, here’s what they say:

“Good info given. I know it’s a free talk (thank you very much!). Consider maybe having a half-day workshop?”

“Very informative! I finally learnt how important targeting my customer is!”

“Very good start-up knowledge on website fundamentals. Do give us more examples of bad websites and how to make them better.”

Who is my target customer...participants thinking hard.
Who is my target customer...participants thinking hard.

It was also a special day for us as it marked the day we finally unveiled our proprietory framework called The Redbox X Factor during this session. This framework is a culmination of our past 12 years of work. It is a distillation of what we know, learnt, applied and we know it works because using this framework, clients have seen their businesses transformed. This framework guides all our design and content work.

If you are keen to know more about this framework and get a helping hand in improving your business website using our X Factor, then join us on 20 January next year where we start our workshop series again. (Sign up here for next year’s workshop.) Did I mention it’s free?

We’re taking a break from doing the workshop in December as the studio is running full steam ahead with current client projects (design and consulting) plus we’re taking time to focus on ourselves.

Far too many business people often work so hard in their business that they forget to work on themselves.

We like to take December to work on our plans and goals for 2011 where it’s going to be even more exciting and profitable.

What about you? Are you gearing up for next year with big, hairy audacious goals and dreams?

Tell us about it!

More photos here.

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