Izad Gets Featured in Gorgeous

Izad, one of our clients, was featured in Gorgeous magazine recently.

Izad is a certified trainer for Law of Attraction, based on the famous book by author Michael Losier. In fact, Izad was one of the few Malaysians who had flown all the way to Canada to take Losier’s training course a few years ago.

We’re proud to say that we’ve been trained firsthand by Izad. The personal one on one coaching was invaluable as he taught us what Michael Losier taught him!

Funnily enough, we had wanted to learn more about this when Izad actually came to one of our talks. Talk about sending the right vibes out!

What makes Losier special is that he teaches the “how” of the Law of Attraction with specific exercises you can immerse yourself into to make the law work in your favour. If you’ve watched “The Secret” or read the book, you’d be wondering how to apply the secret into your life. So that is where Losier and of course, Izad come in. They teach you specific principles and exercises.

How does the Law of Attraction work? Is it just a bunch of New Age mumbo-jumbo?

You’ll just have to find out at Izad’s Law of Attraction website.

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