Got Praised!

We got this in our email today.

It’s fantastic to get indirect feedback.

This was an email CC:ed to us. It was one client emailing another client.

This is what the email said.

“[Redbox Studio] … are people who don’t go for the fast buck. They tell things the way they are. They do not take any amount of clients but only the ones they find it worthy working with to bring out the best of their talents. That was a good decision to appoint them and also, because they know our brand so well, they will help you get the best of your products.”

A fab way to start the week! 😉 As you can see, we’re over the moon!

Yes, we don’t work with just about anyone. Because results matter, we only work with business owners who understand the way we work and the things we do.

Just in case you don’t know, we have a bunch of happy clients who tell us what it means for them to work with us.

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