Do You Have This In Your Website?

These days, to be a destination online, you need to have Content.

This is what we keep saying to everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a client or a friend. If you want to be online, you need to focus on creating great content so that you attract your prospects. (I say this in my free talks all the time.)

When you have Content, only then can you Promote like crazy. OK, maybe not like crazy but then you have things you can promote.

How can anyone promote anything if their own website is empty? If you draw visitors to your website, what do you offer to them? Do you expect them to hang around an empty website with no useful content whatsoever?

And if you have content, you can do social media which by the way isn’t just about Facebook and Twitter though arguably they are the hottest tools these days.

If you don’t have content, you have nothing to promote.

Most people say they have no content. I say they’re lazy because true content can be created easily but it needs thinking.

For instance, what useful tips can you offer your customers? Tips are content!

Or what useful links you’ve found that can be of help to your customers? This again is content!

You may not even need to produce all your own content. Can you curate content from elsewhere?

If you can, you’ve done your customers a huge favour. You have helped them find invaluable resources they can use.

And you’re the expert.

So before you run out to promote your website, do you have Content first?

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