Izad Gets Featured in Gorgeous

Izad, one of our clients, was featured in Gorgeous magazine recently. Izad is a certified trainer for Law of Attraction, based on the famous book by author Michael Losier. In fact, Izad was one of the few Malaysians who had flown all the way to Canada to take Losier’s training … Read more

Rebecca Gets Featured in Woman’s Mag

We love it when clients get featured in the media. In this month’s Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine (Nov 2010), you can read all about Ethan, the inspiration behind the book “Great-grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy” which serves to educate and inform parents and children alike about the medical condition called alopecia … Read more

How to Evaluate a Franchise Business: 6 Tips

While I have much to say about the audio at the venue (it was an open area and very noisy so the organizers must take note of this for their next exhibition), I must say that one of the more educational talks was by a certain Mr TK Lee, a … Read more

Meeting The Gorgeous Ones Last Week

I was in KL last week to attend the Women Netpreneur 2010 Conference organized by Gorgeous Geeks, a special interest group under IASA (International Alliance of Software Architects). Alecia, the president of Gorgeous Geeks, had invited us from WomenBizSENSE (WBS) to attend. It so happened that we had a WBS … Read more

Do You Have This In Your Website?

These days, to be a destination online, you need to have Content. This is what we keep saying to everyone – it doesn’t matter if you’re a client or a friend. If you want to be online, you need to focus on creating great content so that you attract your … Read more

Got Praised!

We got this in our email today. It’s fantastic to get indirect feedback. This was an email CC:ed to us. It was one client emailing another client. This is what the email said. “[Redbox Studio] … are people who don’t go for the fast buck. They tell things the way … Read more

Sunday Tea at 1885

We were invited to afternoon tea at the E&O last Sunday by Ain, a friend and longtime client who had flown into Penang for business. Ain runs Beckets Property, a company which deals with condominiums and bungalows in Langkawi and the UK. She knew of our 12th year anniversary and … Read more