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We’ve been talking to dozens of people this year through our free talks, held on the last Thursday of each month. We skipped a month in September as we were travelling in India with a client.

Anyhow, we’ll be having one talk today and one more for November before we close the year. So if you’ve missed attending, November is your last chance.

Also in November, we’re starting what we call a free mini workshop.

You can participate actively in creating the plan for your website such as how you intend to use your website in marketing your business. This is probably the best way to let you have hands-on learning.

After all, we do this because we want you to learn that building a website is not the end, it is just the beginning of your online venture. Far too many people get duped into thinking that if they have a website, they can just sit back and watch the money rolling in. That is an absolute myth.

Will we continue our free workshop series next year? It depends really.

We have our plates full of marketing activities and potential collaboration so lots will be happening in 2011. If Nic does not have time to conduct these free workshops, November might just be your last chance.

Be on the safe side and sign up for the November workshop ~ I am sure you’ll come away feeling good that you did. After all we don’t sell anything to you. No hype, no hard-selling. Just come to find out more.

Attendees of our previous sessions
Attendees of our previous sessions

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