Are You A Malaysian Inside?

Happy Malaysia Day!

We have been busy with so many things these past few weeks that the weeks have gone by in a daze. First we were busy with redesigning our own website. As you can see the website is a lot fresher and we’ve updated quite a few sections.

While we’ve been up to ears in clients’ work, we have not neglected ourselves either. Like we always say, your website is your marketing tool. Keep this tool ‘polished’ and updated. Don’t let it look dismal or old.

Your website is the first place people (customers or prospects) check out if they are interested in you or when they get your business card. Make sure the first impression is one of WOW.

Of course we’ve also been doing a fair bit of community work.

For one, I’m one of the two chairpersons for this year’s Malaysia Day celebration in my residential area of Taman Sri Nibong. I’ve been tasked to do something different this year especially since this year, 16 September is a public holiday. Well, it’s about time, if you ask the East Malaysians!

I’ve not only been coordinating our Malaysia Day celebration efforts (with a dinner and a slew of performances which include pole dancing by Michelle Quah and even a Chingay performance, if Dr Shah can get the guy to demonstrate some throwing around and balancing of gigantic flag poles!) but I am also running the Amazing Sri Nibong Hunt.

It’s totally new to Taman Sri Nibong folks and it’s something I could not have done without the kind help from the brainy one, Jay of The WebMazers. Jay’s cryptic puzzles are something of an amazement and always a hugely anticipated challenge by veteran hunters and people who love a good puzzle to solve.

The hunt starts tomorrow morning while the dinner and performances are in the evening.

If you are around this area, why not pop in and grab a ticket at RM18 a pop and join us in the fun?

Come join other Malaysians in celebrating why we love this country. Of late, there have been horrible people and horrible news. Sometimes one doesn’t really feel like celebrating when there’s so much suspicion and desperation.

But in the end, I am a Malaysian at heart. I really am. Malaysians are a fun and hardworking bunch, and we should be thankful for the good things we have here.

My best friend told me that I really should think of living abroad. Everything’s better. Politics, for instance.

While I agree about politics, I cannot agree about other things. Like food, weather, friends, family.

Malaysia is our home. Just as it is yours.

Why don’t we make this home a better place instead of always looking elsewhere?

Selamat Menyambut Hari Malaysia!

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