The Magic Of A Well-Designed Marketing Machine

When we were in Langkawi a few weeks ago, we visited Ryoko.

She’s both a friend and a client.

Ryoko and Jamie have been running their yacht charter cruises (sunset cruises are their most popular service) for more than 20 years now in Langkawi. In fact, Jamie is one of the most recognized people in Pantai Cenang. Everyone knows the big, friendly and witty Canadian. Everyone knows his happy, free-spirited Japanese wife, Ryoko.

She said Jamie wasn’t around then or he would give us both a nice big dinner.

“What’s the occasion?”

She grinned and told us the story of how in February this year, the website which we created for them, helped them land a major piece of business. The windfall was so big and so sudden that they were all surprised.

Here’s what Ryoko told us:

“It came out of blue. I cannot really remember if she called first, or she just emailed us to inquire. Anyway, we always quote first so we gave her a quote for her company’s team building event for 100 people and a sunset cruise for 110 people.

What surprised us is that she contacted us from Singapore just 2 weeks before the event date and after we gave her our quote, I was surprised to hear from her saying her head office in the US had approved the quote. On our end, we were thinking, “How could we ensure it was a confirmed booking? The date was so near, just 2 weeks before the event?” They surprised us even further when they paid us in FULL within a couple of days to show us that they were for real.

There were thousand of emails between us, hundreds phone calls as well… or at least it felt like it especially when it involved bringing in so many people. A lot of things were also happening till the last minute, like changing their drink menu, ordering extra drinks and food, changes in groupings, who’s arriving, who is not, and etc. which in the end, we managed to deliver all that they wanted!

When I met the organizer for the first time, just a couple of days before the event, I did ask them how they found us. She said, on the Internet. It surprised me that she chose to buy something so expensive and important by checking out our company website over the Internet?! Well, believe it or not, our website certainly worked magic for us!”

We’re pleased that our websites work beautifully for clients. That’s what a Redbox Studio website can do for your business.

Over the past 12 years, we’ve worked hard to bring the client’s business essence and personality online in the form of a credible website.

When you have a website which inspires confidence (through a marriage of clear design and meaningful copywriting imbued with the right marketing message), you can be just like Ryoko where customers are immediately drawn to choose you over your competitors just by looking at your website!

Are our customised websites expensive?

Not really, if you consider how much you can reap continuously from your well-designed marketing machine.

Our secret is no secret: we help you convince your customers that you are the better choice. And we do it by “selling” confidence, elegance and professionalism on your website using the right words, the right design, the right layout and good business and marketing sense.

Your customers are already sold even before they meet you!

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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