Why We Organise Free Talks

We started our series of free talks in August last year and we’ve been grateful for the support from friends, clients and new friends.

Our talk announcements appear in The Star and The Sun as well as get announced over Mix FM and Light & Easy radio stations. Plus we have evangelists – people who help us promote the talk to their friends as well.

When we started, our goal was to dispel some of the major misconceptions about websites.

Our other goal was to educate small business owners about using their websites and e-commerce sites. Far too many websites out there really are a waste because they don’t do much for their website owners.

It’s like you know the website has this much potential to help grow the business and reduce all that running around (which most business owners think is what they need to do all the time) in the name of ‘marketing’ or ‘networking’.

So we started with some light topics – what a good website entailed. Then we moved on to e-commerce because everyone wants to start their own shop online. And then, we listened to the feedback the participants gave us and most people really had problems when it comes to marketing and promoting their websites!

This is the biggest headache of all.

And I bet it is not just marketing their website online, it’s about marketing their business as a whole.

Yesterday’s New Talk

Yesterday Nic presented a brand new topic – How to Market More Effectively with Your Website.

We call these sharing sessions because we do not promote anything other than our talk. (Personally I don’t like the aggressive selling which I see in most free seminars. They’re usually teaser seminars to get you to sign up for their actual talk. And then they try to sell you everything…from books to tapes to more seminars.)

When Nic and I decided to start this free educational series of talks last year, we knew that we wanted it to be pure sharing.

When you educate your customers, they will come back. When you educate your customers in a professional manner without hard selling, they will respect you for it. They will be happy to refer friends to your talks.

Anyway, this free monthly session also allows us to meet people and answer whatever questions they have.

We are busy most days of the week and meeting one-to-one is not possible. So if a prospect wants to come talk to us, we encourage him to attend this talk and perhaps talk to us after the talk ends. It’s win-win this way.

Why We Don’t Just Accept Anyone As Our Client

During yesterday’s talk, a participant was curious when Nic said we at Redbox Studio won’t just take on any client.

We only work with clients who understand what we do and how we do it so they get the results they want.

That is why we have walked away from certain prospects. Money is important but our Redbox Studio reputation is even more important.

We take pride in our work – from designing websites to writing content after hours and hours of research.

This method we use is tried and tested because we’ve done it for 12 years now and the method our clients.

Which helps our clients make very good money.

Which helps them grow their business.

We’re really more like your website partners who guide and advise you on your business website. We work with you to grow your business. That’s really what we enjoy doing!

We just don’t want to waste time on people who just want a website without understanding the amazing potential of their website. And sometimes, some people just don’t deserve a good website!

Let’s face it: we only work with people we really like.

After all that is why we’re in business right? To be able to choose how we want to run our business!

Take a look at the photos we snapped yesterday.

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