Beautiful is Good, but Results are even Better

What’s the use of a beautiful kitchen if you cannot find the bread knife?

That’s from IKEA.

IKEA strikes me as the Swedish’s best in practicality, affordability and elegance of design.

And using that same line, I’ll say this: What’s the use of a beautiful website if you cannot get results?

Are results important to you?

Yes, if you are a serious businessperson.

If you need a solid marketing tool which works all day, all night and all year round for you.

If you know that you should be marketing more.

We received some new testimonials from our clients recently and would like to share these honest opinions with you.

All we are saying is this: when you next ask for a web redesign, ask about results.

Beautiful is good, but results are even better.

That’s why you and I are in business, no?

Our website certainly worked magic for us!

“It came out of blue. I cannot really remember if she called first, or she just emailed us to inquire. Anyway, we always quote first so we gave her a quote for her company’s team building event for 100 people and a sunset cruise for 110 people.”

“What surprised us is that she contacted us from Singapore just 2 weeks before the event date and after we gave her our quote, I was surprised to hear from her saying her head office in the US had approved the quote. On our end, we were thinking, “How could we ensure it was a confirmed booking? The date was so near, just 2 weeks before the event?” They surprised us even further when they paid us in FULL within a couple of days to show us that they were for real.”

“There were thousand of emails between us, hundreds phone calls as well… or at least it felt like it especially when it involved bringing in so many people. A lot of things were also happening till the last minute, like changing their drink menu, ordering extra drinks and food, changes in groupings, who’s arriving, who is not, and etc. which in the end, we managed to deliver all that they wanted!”

Ryoko and Jamie Scott, owners of Crystal Yacht Holidays Langkawi
Ryoko (left) and Jamie, owners of Crystal Yacht Holidays

“When I met the organizer for the first time, just a couple of days before the event, I did ask them how they found us. She said, on the Internet. It surprised me that she chose to buy something so expensive and important by checking out our company website over the Internet?! Well, believe it or not, our website certainly worked magic for us!”

70% of our customers come to us from our website!

Yuna, one of the owners of Zen Wellness Spa, Penang
Yuna, one of the owners of Zen Wellness Spa, Penang

“Most of our customers come to us online. I can say that 70% of our customers come to us from our website. They usually book our services or email us before they arrive in Penang for their holiday. Many people find us when they search on Google about what to see and do in Penang before they come to Penang. We are also #1 out of the 3 attractions in Batu Feringghi on TripAdvisor. So yes, when they come here, they already know about our spa and come for our spa services.”

“Oh yes, definitely your price is very reasonable. I’ve recommended your service to my neighbour who is in the insurance business. She was impressed when she saw that our website was doing very well and was bringing in so much of business for us. So she asked me roughly how much I paid, about the details and all that. Our money is well-spent because of the customers that we get almost everyday from our website!”

Yuna, Zen Wellness Spa (Penang, Malaysia)

Clear communication and easy all the way

“I liked the work process. It was really smooth and your emails were really comprehensive, meaning that you did a really good job of communicating expectations and requirements. The writing of content was also really good as well, especially the FAQ section was really well done.

You guys were really patient! You were good at asking the right questions to start things rolling. I would definitely recommend your services. For me the quality of design and typography were great. I know that design is subjective and different people have different views, however unless your a full time professional designer, you are best going with someone who has actual experience.

M. Khairul Izad with his coach/guru, Michael Losier
M. Khairul Izad (left) with his coach/guru, Michael Losier

Another reason I’m recommending your services is that it really speeds things up. If I were to attempt a project like this one on my own it would take way longer due to the learning curve and time required to set things up.

I think that Redbox Studio is a really good example of “Home Grown” talent and you guys have shown that is it very much possible for small local companies to produce outstanding work and attract clients from all over the world.

I also think that your efforts in training our youth via internships and other programmes is also a really good way of contributing to our society. The sharing that you guys do via the free monthly talks and blog are also really commendable and I think this is best way that people can get to know you. In terms of web design, working with you guys has been the best experience ever.”

M Khairul Izad, Certified Law of Attraction Facilitator,

How have we helped other clients in other industries? Here’s more our clients! Remember to watch some of our Redbox Studio Youtube videos too while you’re on this page. 😉

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