Cash Your Passion, Gary’s Way

I read about Gary in a book about Twitter many moons ago.

I heard he was (and bloody still is) an absolute phenomenon on Twitter because he used it to build his personal brand. But more than that, his Twitter and Facebooking coolly netted him more than couple of cool million bucks and made his family business soar past the other wine stores.


But true.

I then bumped into his name again while reading a blog just a few days back.

Decided to check him out. (Don’t you just love it that the world is your encyclopedia now? You can check up on anyone anytime.)

And what he says is true – social media allows you to build your own personal brand and it’s easier now because Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. give you prime access to easy sharing of yourself, your photos, your life, your business.

The cost of entry is also free but you do need what Gary called “sweat equity”.

What I particularly like is his idea that cashing in on one’s passion has never been easier with all these social media tools. He also said that yes, it is hard work. It is not your four-hour work week. (Bravo to you, Gary!)

Far too many people think social media is so new that they’re intimidating. They are not new. They’re just a new way of listening and talking to people. It just happens that those people are around the world.

Then again, there are those who are so against social media because they’re time-wasters. Well, talking on the phone or having a long-winded meeting are also time-wasters if you don’t have a goal!

Go check Gary out. And learn about his passion – wines – and how he’s turned this slightly snobbish upper-class thingy on its head and made a cool fortune out of it.

Power to you Gary!

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