How Google Apps Work

If you had seen the video on how Google Search works, and then how Google Ads work, now it’s time to learn how Google Apps work! Google Apps basically make it easy for you to work anywhere. You don’t need to lug around your stuff. All your stuff (especially digital … Read more

Why We Organise Free Talks

We started our series of free talks in August last year and we’ve been grateful for the support from friends, clients and new friends. Our talk announcements appear in The Star and The Sun as well as get announced over Mix FM and Light & Easy radio stations. Plus we … Read more

If You Run A Restaurant…

I was about to get back to work when I realized I had to make dinner reservations as it was my Dad’s 68th birthday last week. Mom was eager to try out some Nyonya food as we all tend to go for typical Chinese food whenever we have any major … Read more

Durians, Laksa and Nutmeg Juice

Last Sunday, we had a team outing to Balik Pulau for durians. We joined the Penang Mensa group (a rather large group this time as it included Mensans from KL) on Sunday morning for an 8-car convoy all the way to this rather ‘hidden’ durian farm on the way to … Read more

How Can I Use Social Media?

Many businesses are quickly taking advantage of social media by going onto Facebook and Twitter. Maybe they’re doing that so they won’t be left behind. Or look like fuddy-duddies or dinosaurs from the last Jurassic Age. But there are also lots of people who refuse to go online. They fear … Read more

How Google Ads Work

If you watched this video on how Google search works, you’ll be pleased that there is also a video which explains how Google Ads work. Here’s a bit of trivia: did you know that Google focuses on 3 main areas: Search, Apps and Ads? We all know and love Google … Read more

Cash Your Passion, Gary’s Way

I read about Gary in a book about Twitter many moons ago. I heard he was (and bloody still is) an absolute phenomenon on Twitter because he used it to build his personal brand. But more than that, his Twitter and Facebooking coolly netted him more than couple of cool … Read more