What To Do When You’re On TV

Robert was interviewed for a local TV show called Kuppa Kopi last week and he excitedly SMSed me to share the good news.

His books are taking off and so’s his popularity in the Malaysian scene.

In fact, last year he got into the news for being one of the top 50 expats in Malaysia which is really a very cool honour for someone who is more Malaysian than American! (He’s been here for more than 20 years.)

This episode of the TV show will be aired on 31 May, TV1 at 2.05pm.

Robert writes: “After each of us had our makeup done (mine was brief and superficial), we were led to Studio A. The backdrop of the set was different from what I had viewed (they had recently shifted to a new location) though the setup was the same (inside the cups were water, I was glad to see, since I don’t drink coffee). Sharnaz, who graduated from University Malaysia Sarawak in 2006 just before I joined, looked elegant in her red kebaya and black slacks. I was asked to sit between her and Georgette, who I had met via my website and who had reviewed the Silverfish edition of Lovers and Strangers Revisited and organized several readings that I took part in. The others would be on later. Before I took my place, I set up displays with the help of Rafida, the assistant producer.”

If you’d like to learn more of what happens behind the scene of a recorded TV show, pop over to Robert’s blog for his interesting take on this event which happened last Thursday.

It is an eye-opener!

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