Sunday Brainstorm

Nic and I were invited to brainstorm together with the Paul Penders team two Sundays ago when they flew into Penang.

We’ve been working with them for sometime now; we first helped them set up their blog team, and then we re-designed their international website.

The invite to brainstorm came because of recent developments in the skincare and cosmetic industry. You can read more how in the end Nic helped clarify what Paul Penders’ value proposition actually is.

If you read this blog closely, you’ll know that we love marketing puzzles. By marketing puzzles, we mean we like solving issues which most businesses are afraid of.

For instance, how do you out-compete your competitors? Do you diss them? Do you badmouth them?


We believe you can run your business with class and integrity. You don’t need to run down your competitors. You can outperform your competitors by focusing on what you do best.

That is the enduring story which never goes out of style!

We are good at helping customers unearth that story within their company.

That’s how we helped Paul Penders clarify what he really wants to say.

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