The Buddhist Revolution

The long weekend is almost here.

The famous Buddha of Lantau Island, HK - we took this photo when we were holidaying there in March this year

With tomorrow being Wesak Day, I am sure lots of people are planning a lovely holiday elsewhere (and I think for most KL folks, their ‘elsewhere’ is most likely Penang!). That’s where the cheap and good food is!

We went to the Than Hsiang Temple earlier today to pay our respects to our teacher, The Buddha. Nic and I don’t quite like rushing with the crowd tomorrow. That’s one of those liberties we have as business owners – we can choose to schedule our days accordingly.

The Than Hsiang Temple is one of those highly organized Buddhist organizations in Penang and also one of the most green. If you want to bring home the fragrant water or holy water, Than Hsiang encourages you to bring your own container. They are not giving out plastic bags anymore in their effort to help planet earth.

The other Buddhist organization which I’ve blogged about is Kechara (Kechara is a KL Buddhist based organization which runs like a well-oiled corporation).

We got to know of them about two years ago when they came to Penang for an exhibition of Buddhist artefacts. I was intrigued by Tibetan Buddhism and that’s how I learnt about them.

Kechara is very well profiled in the media. Its volunteers are hip and savvy English-speaking Gen Xers and Gen Yers, with lots of fab ideas. I’m always very impressed with their work and their publicity efforts particularly their use of technology like Facebook and Twitter. It’s about time Buddhists stopped acting like old fuddy-duddies.

Anyway, we’ll be off tomorrow too – while KL people are coming to Penang, we will be going to KL with Cecilia and BL.

The three of them (Nic, Cecilia and BL) are Mensa Penang Committee members and they’re attending the Mensa Malaysia AGM on Saturday at the Shah Village Hotel where I heard Datuk Zaid Ibrahim will be speaking. Meanwhile, I will be doing what I do best – meet up with good friends! And hopefully a spot of shopping if I can.

Anyway, have a beautiful and blessed Wesak Day! Or at least, some quiet time chilling at home!

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