Good Eats in Penang

By now you would know that we at Redbox Studio love our food.

It helps we live in Penang, the island famous for good Penang food. Food so good that friends who have moved to KL often salivate at the mere mention of their favourite Penang food stalls!

It baffles most Caucasian friends of ours that we locals love talking about food even when we’re tucking into our lunch or dinner and thinking of the next meal.

Malaysians seem to eat nonstop and five to six meals a day are the norm.

James, a British friend, rolls his eyes whenever he hears comparisons about places to get the best Penang hawker favourites!

“Why can’t you guys stop talking about food?”

Well, for one, Malaysian food is simply divine, don’t you think?

When we were in Hong Kong, we thought the char siew rice and wantan noodles were superb but after days of the same old bland fare (delicious though they were), we really craved for something spicy and pungent!

Short of eating my friend’s precious stash of cili padi (which she bought in some rural market deep in the reaches of Kowloon), we felt nothing epitomized us more than our inclination for something really hot and spicy.

Anyway, we’ve compiled a map of the food haunts we go to regularly so that you too can share in the good stuff. At last count, the map has been viewed some 30,000 times so I think lots of people like Penang food.

Of course sometimes food is deeply personal as taste buds vary – some like it hotter, some like it milder.

If you know of some lovely place in Penang, do email us and we can put it on our Redbox Studio map.

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