Thank You, Paul Penders!

We’ve been working with the Paul Penders Company for more than two years now and it has been a journey that is enriching and fulfilling because they exemplify what a truly good client is.

We first met Paul, the owner of this natural herbal skincare company, in Starbucks. Incidentally Starbucks is his ‘mobile’ office.

Paul, the owner and founder, still manages his business. He takes an active interest in his number one passion: creating natural, pure and ethical cosmetics and personal care products for women of all ages.

What drew us to him is that he really walks his talk. This American of Dutch origin is passionate about non-animal testing of cosmetics and using the best, natural ingredients for his personal care products. And he’s a courageous person because he dares to be out there and ruffle some feathers. That kind of honesty is endearing. It is scarce in a world where spin doctors can just make anything look true and good.

We’ve ended up being more than just a web design company which he uses – we’re friends and advisors. That is a special position to be in as our input is valued and our work is appreciated and respected. We feel quite privileged because we work closely with his international team and we get insights about the cosmetic industry which we use to improve and further enhance their websites.

Anyway, this is a post to say a huge thank you to Paul and his international team, as well as to his global distributors for letting us become better in so many ways.

When we work with people who believe in what they do and they believe in us, it rubs off on us. The passion, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the trust in our work – all these push us to become even better than before.

The new Australian website for Paul Penders will be launched soon but the Paul Penders Latvia website is already open and they’re getting rave reviews!

Congratulations to the Paul Penders distributor in Latvia with the unveiling of their new website!

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