Going One Level Up

It’s the boss’ birthday today. He turns (tah daaaah) 38 today.

We celebrated it at DOME with a late lunch, then coffee and cake.

He’s officially retiring from designing and will focus on working on the business. And return to his first love, art! (I’ve been his rah-rah supporter for ages now. I am waiting for him to whip out his paint brushes and start painting.)

As he goes one level up, we’re all going one level up.

I am still looking for a copywriter so I can move one level up too. If you have what it takes to be a copywriter/coordinator, please email me. And no, those without a portfolio of writing need not apply. Sorry. I can guide you but I really can’t start training from zero.

What I’m most pleased is that we’re getting 2 interns to come in by June for six months of internship so it’s going to be a fun, full house this year. (For those of you who are applying for internship, we’ve stopped accepting already. Please apply again next year.)

We’re also being very nitpicky with the work we do now. We want to engage with business owners who understand what a true business website is. Business owners who don’t understand the selling psychology that’s needed for a website should just go look for a regular web designer.

This year, we are looking forward to growing our business…big time!

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2 thoughts on “Going One Level Up”

  1. happy belated birthday nic!

    38! dang, i’m still 25.

    i wish to let go off one of my roles too but good people is so hard to find. leeches otoh, are everywhere.

    anyway, here’s to growing your biz! cheers!



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