The Cookie Never Crumbles

Here’s a story that should be worth a re-read. You’ve probably tasted his cookies before. Or even had free smells of them! But the interesting part about this famous founder of chocolate chip cookies is his story of how despite growing up in negativity and poverty, he never let it … Read more

Shining Up The Pearl

Yesterday was such an eye-opener. We knew Gurney Drive was dirty but what sort of dirty, well, we didn’t know. We decided to join the Penang Government initiative on the beach and coastal clean-up for World Earth Day (which happens this Thursday 22 April and they’re going to plant mangrove … Read more

Going One Level Up

It’s the boss’ birthday today. He turns (tah daaaah) 38 today. We celebrated it at DOME with a late lunch, then coffee and cake. He’s officially retiring from designing and will focus on working on the business. And return to his first love, art! (I’ve been his rah-rah supporter for … Read more

The God of Chairs

Want to salivate over a chair? Well. A good design does that you know. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Even gives you goosebumps. When we were in Hong Kong two weeks ago, we saw a good number of creative designs. Some were in the Hong Kong Museum … Read more

Client’s Seen on TV Last Night!

Of course we were anticipating last night’s episode of the reality show, The Amazing Race. The race participants were flying from Seychelles to Penang for the next leg of the global hunt. And we had been prepped for it. The Penang Government sent out its e-newsletter nice and early, reminding … Read more