Which Font Are You?

It’s been one of those weeks…you know, lots of work, lots of decisions and yes, lots of waiting for clients for stuff they owe us.

Plus you know how bloody hot sizzling the weather is in Penang.

So hot I can fry an egg on the road.

So I go in search of something quite fun to do in between work.

Fonts have always been fascinating.

Did I tell you Nic’s fave font is Helvetica?

My most hated font by the way is Comic Sans.

If I had 10 sen for every Comic Sans I see on cheapie flyers and brochures, I’d be able to buy a couple of iPods.

People don’t get it that typography is ART.

Anyway, back to Helvetica. Gary Hustwit made a documentary about Helvetica because he is a big fan of graphic design. I’m dying to see this film.

You know what he said?

“For me, good design is simple, clear, useful, sustainable and it makes my life better. Bad design is wasteful, confusing and redundant.”

Amen to that!

Anyway, for a bit of fun, try this 10-question quiz called what font are you (if you could be a font).

If you’re curious, yes I did the quiz. I’m a timeless snob font called Times New Roman.

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