How To Make Your Blog Exciting Again, Part 2

Remember Part 1 where I gave you 6 tips on giving your blog a boost?

The key to success with blogging is to stick with it, consistently. Too many people blog for two weeks and give up once they have nothing to write. I’m like the proverbial tortoise – I go slow and easy and I write for a living! So imagine if you’re new to writing. Like a marathon, you have to start slow and build up the energy.

Also, I recommend that you start with short blog posts of around 100 words or so. Writing short posts give you less headache and when you start doing this regularly (1 post a week for the next 4 weeks), you’ll get the momentum going. It’s better to start with fewer words in a blog post than lots of words and run out of steam the next week!

Anyway, below are the tips I promised.

7. Best picks or Top 10 or Top 50 lists

Readers love it when you help them choose the best stuff. You can write a best picks of the year post, or a top 10 tip guide or list that is related to your blog (such as this post). Example, Best Eco Gift Guide or Best Household Products for Under $50 or Best 13 Tips for Blogging.

8. Start your own day

If there’s a St Patrick Day, why not start a specific day like Women In Business Day? You can write about it, celebrate it annually and have people remember and relate to you because you founded that day.

9. Have a readers’ poll

It’s always fun to ask your readers what they think so think of ways to conduct a readers’ poll in a blog post. Or link to it if it is too difficult to embed. Make sure the questions are related to your business blog or industry. This is an informal method to survey your market.

10. Have a giveaway session

Give away a product within a limited time frame if you’re in the product business. It creates excitement in readers as they don’t have to do much to participate and have a chance to win your product. Just ask readers to leave a comment in the comment box. See how this is done at

11. Be an agent provocateur

Don’t be afraid of making your opinion known (unless there are specific guidelines to stay away from these topics). Provocative posts aren’t necessarily bad. It will give readers something to think about. It will open their eyes to what they didn’t know before. For instance, this one helps to show you what I’m talking about:

12. Getting into the box

You’d be surprised how readers love it when you get into the technicalities of your business. Not everyone will get it but many will appreciate that you took time to explain to them what goes on behind your business. Have plenty of photos. What’s routine for you could be exciting to your reader.

13. Read magazines

Lastly, if you are dead tired and cannot think of another blog post, grab a few magazines and read for ideas. Don’t copy (I hate people who plagiarize and remember this is the age of Google, you can run but you can’t hide from Google).

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