Robbie Takes A Looooong Break

If the roars haven’t reached you yet, well, Happy Tiger Year to you!

This Chinese New Year, Redbox Studio is taking a long break – we will all be on leave starting 8 Feb and won’t be back until 22 Feb.

I don’t think you want another story of how CNY came to be, so I won’t bore you with that.

Nor another one on how much Chinese adore this festival where large scale gambling take centrestage. Myself, I am a bit partial to a good game of mahjong with my sisters and cousins.

But then….

Don’t quaff too many Carlsbergs or Tiger Beers.

Don’t stuff yourself with too much of fried ngar-ku chips or cornflake cookies.

Don’t roll your eyes when our national TV stations start playing Jackie Chan’s movies for the umpteenth time.

Don’t run and hide when relatives start asking that dreaded question.

Don’t turn red when you get angpows and relatives start asking the OTHER dreaded question.

Don’t overeat mandarin oranges. It gives you damp heat.

Don’t wear too much red. We all look like fire engines and let’s face it, not everyone looks their best in carmine.

Anyway, Redbox Studio wishes all of you fantastic blog readers a riproaring Chinese New Year!

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