How To Make Your Blog Exciting Again

Blogging is never an easy job especially with business blogging.

Business blogging is a little bit different from personal blogging. It needs to tread on a fine line between being personable (having a personality that shines) and being a business. It needs charisma but it also needs professionalism. It needs enough juicy posts to impress and yet enough leeway to kick back awhile and gripe about everyday life.

So what can you do if you run out of posts or ideas? Here are some top tips for those uninspiring rainy days when your Muse just can’t be bothered to make an appearance.

1. Hold a contest but make it easy to participate.
People are essentially lazy, be it online or offline. The tougher the contest, the less participants you have. So make it super easy for people to join your contest. After all, what is a contest but a stab at free publicity? Here’s an example of a really no-brainer contest by Benefits at
Just upload your own photo to win! It’s that easy!

2. Guest posting
Sure it is nice to blog but sometimes you need a break. Invite some favourite readers of your blog to guest post. Look at your comments. Who has been your greatest advocate or writes the longest comments with plenty of commonsense? Email them and ask them if they’d like to post sometime. Many readers have their own blogs too so it’s great link love!

3. A new twist to old, tired topics
Give a new twist to old, tired topics. Think of ways to jazz up common topics and make them novel again. The question to ask ourselves is, what can we do to prep up a ‘tired’ post and make readers find something new and exciting in it? Besides helping you review information in old posts, you get to edit them and make them better, For instance, if you wrote a post about green tea, look at it critically. What has been said that does not need to be said again? What new information or new tips can we add to the post so that it becomes more valuable to our readers?

4. Links to ourselves & other media
Review your posts. Is there a way to make our examples clearer? Try using videos from Youtube. Videos can either be embedded into the blog post (if it is a major highlight) or used as a hyperlink (if it is a minor add-on to explain further).

5. Focus on festive greetings & holidays
Mark down a whole year’s worth of holidays which are important to your readers. Then write simple posts with photos or visuals related to this festival and schedule these posts to appear when the time approaches. This shows you care for your readers and know what is important for them. You can also explain how the festival is celebrated (if it is alien to your core readers). Example, if you have many international distributors then find out from them what festivals or holidays are important to them? How are they celebrated?

6. Feature interesting blogs and bloggers
There’s a whole world of fantastic blogs dedicated to your business or industry. Take this chance to feature one blog each time and tell your readers why you follow these blogs. Or you can ask for permission from the blogger to use his/her post in your blog. Either way, it is good PR!

Update: Here’s an additional tip for you, especially if you’re just starting out with blogging or need to know why blogging’s essential to your business online. Check out How to start a blog: The beginner’s guide to successful blogging, a free 7-chapter guide offering helpful advice on setting up a blog to monetizing a blog. You can read it all online or you can download a PDF copy.


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