3 Clients, 3 Stories

Happy New Year to you if you’ve just stumbled onto our blog! It’s the start of a new year and a new decade!

To start off the year, we’d heard some really good news.

First, we visited Adventist Vision Centre yesterday and as you know, AVC became our client late last year. All the while, they did not have a proper website to market their vision correction services.

All they had was a webpage tucked inside their mother company’s website (Penang Adventist Hospital) so it was not really reaching their target audience, i.e. people with short- or longsightedness or astimagtism who wanted to correct their vision and dump their spectacles or contact lenses forever.

Anyway, the Adventist iLasik website was launched end of October last year. We always like to track our results so when we spoke to Christabel yesterday, we asked her how the website was doing.

She was thrilled! Their AVC website, she says, has been getting quite a bit of enquiries since November and from these website enquiries, 3 people have signed up for the eye correction surgery already!

“In fact, we’ve just completed the ilasik on one just yesterday,” she revealed.

And most of them don’t ask the kind of questions they used to ask before.

Before this, potential patients used to email with questions about the procedure and how it worked. With the website now up and running (and chockfull of relevant information plus videos on how the ilasik surgery is done), the enquiries she gets are about making appointments to come in for the surgery!

Now that’s what we love to hear!

In fact, with 3 confirmed patients for their ilasik service, AVC has more than recouped their initial investment in their newly launched website. This is what we call a positive return on investment and all this within 2 months.

That wasn’t the only good news. Periodically, clients will email us and tell us on their own accord how the website is doing. One such email came from Josephine who runs Precious Ones Collections, specialising in creative toys and educational products for children’s play and imagination.

She happily told us that just before Christmas, a Singaporean had visited her website and ordered Maxamec (Maxamec is an expanding construction toy kit but one that isn’t bought by just about anyone as it does come with a hefty price tag). In fact, she says she had netted a couple of customers who first got to know of her shop through her website.

This also reminded us of another client, Grace who sells Vietnamese arts and crafts. She willingly gave us a video testimonial because she was so pleased to have gotten overseas customers without needing to step out of Penang.

So, what can you learn from these examples?

1. The right website, designed and built and written properly, will be your best marketing tool.

2. The right website needs to be maintained and refreshed all the time if it is to work well. Don’t build and forget.

3. Maintenance should be an ongoing process and as a client, you need to be proactive and think of using your website to its maximum effectiveness. Use your website to help you inform and educate your customers. It should be the first place your customers can go to for the most up-to-date information. So seriously do we take this that our clients get reminded to send us updates.

4. Not only will you see positive results if you follow our step-by-step system, you will easily recoup the money you invested in the website. We always say that the website is your salesman; it must make money for you and pay for itself too. (And precisely because we have utmost faith in our system as it has been proven to work time and time again, we only work with business owners who truly care about their business and know the power and reach of the Internet.)

5. We work with you and advise you all the way – from research to design to content till the website is launched. When it is launched, our second phase kicks in. We then monitor and work closely with you to see how the website functions, what results you are getting and how to fine tune that so you get what you want to grow your business. We check up with you regularly. There’s no leaving you in the lurch at all. 😉

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