6 thoughts on “Damn…PayPal Finally Recognizes Malaysia”

    • Hi Roseli – Yup, isn’t it fantastic news? Now we can all get online and really do ecommerce in an easier and more convenient way. Thanks for stopping by.

  1. This is really great news. I’m sure alot or people have been waiting for this.

    Nic, thanks for presenting the ecommerce talk. It was really informative and your slides have a really nice design too.

    Here’s to everybody’s e-commerce success!

    • Hi Izad! Always great to have a firm friend who is so supportive of our endeavours. I always believe in the law of attraction and it has brought you all the way from KL into our lives to teach us what Michael Losier has taught you. Incredible! Thanks again for coming all the way from KL. Catch up again soon!


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