What Web 2.0?

I was reading The Sun a few days ago about a panel of ad people sharing what they knew about social media in Malaysia. These were interesting viewpoints, especially coming from advertising and branding people from the biggest ad firms in the city.

Every business is on Facebook or Twitter. These 2 places are full of businesses promoting themselves, their books, their services. But very few understand that it’s not worth being on either Facebook or Twitter IF you’ve got nothing substantial to say.

Marketing in the new web world (I hate to use the word Web 2.0 because there’s been just one web, and that web is dynamic) is marketing in interesting times particularly for the old-skool folks. Folks who are stumped by this ‘fuss’ about being online, always on, always connected.

But human beings have always been the same. Doesn’t matter which age or era. We are driven by the same desires, wants and needs.

And we love feeling connected and we like that topped with good ol’ sincerity and authenticity. Which is what good marketing should be. So don’t get flustered by Web 2.0 terms which just means, hey, it’s easier to share interesting stuff with your friends and customers right now compared to say, 10 years ago. We have more web tools and apps than ever.

The problem is, do you have something substantial and interesting and worth talking about that others want to share or forward?

That’s tricky.

Coincidentally I got this in my inbox this morning. It’s called “Why social media marketing comes last“. (Note that part about “great business” and “fabulous website content”)

A very good title because if you don’t put your ducks/house/business in order and get things sorted out (i.e. what’s your company policy on what can be said or what cannot be said online?) or you don’t have an idea what you want to do except that you want to do it using today’s advanced tools, don’t go courting social media. It can be time-consuming and worse, backfire!

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