Munching on Conscience

Came across this story and thought it was so inspiring that I had to share this with all of you.

I read this as I was looking for some information on green practices and the Khaya Cookie Company was a fantastic story. OK, let’s face it, we all love a story about a business born out of a need to help others. And this story is set in Africa.

Alicia, the founder, started her cookie company to help impoverished South African women and men. Khaya is a Xhosa word for “home”. She is a big believer in hand-ups, not hand-outs. Smart woman!

Alicia also blogs and while her blog has some inconsistent font sizes (sometimes big, sometimes small, sometimes bold and such), her blog posts far more than make up for it! They’re really interesting stuff of what she’s doing, what her company is doing and what’s coming up. And watch their feel-good videos too. (Scroll all the way down the page.)

Besides the irresistible factor of cookies made from naturally sourced ingredients of the winelands in South Africa, the other pull factor is that for every 1500 boxes of cookies sold, you help Khaya create a new job opportunity for a South African.

That’s a pretty compelling reason to order Khaya shortbread, which comes in exotic flavours such as Orange Rooibos, Grapeseed, Cranberry Rooibos and more. It helps that people who’ve sampled them say they are unputdownable munchies.

All little squares of conscience!


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