Lunch with a Children’s Book Author

Had lunch with a good friend who is also one of our clients just last week. She had come up to Penang for a family holiday and we met up, after 9 years of not seeing each other (emails don’t count ya!).

Rebecca Loke is a children’s book author.

She’s also mom to 10 year old Ethan and 4 year old Anne. Her book “Great Grandma’s Hair Loss Remedy” is a children’s story based on Ethan’s condition, alopecia. She wrote the story so that both adults and children could be more aware of this medical condition.

Nic with Ethan, whom Rebecca based her book on.
Nic with Ethan, whom Rebecca based her book on.

Rebecca and I were colleagues back in ’98 when I had just graduated from USM. We both had worked together during our campus days (she’s actually one year my senior when we were both Mass Comm/ Journalism majors) and found great chemistry working with each other and it was a gradual friendship, greatly enhanced over the years as we worked side by side in a small advertising company.

She’s always a writer at heart. And she has a discipline, a firmness in writing that I’m always appreciative of. Plus her genuine, warm ways of teaching and guiding me when I was just freshly minted from varsity is something I’ll always remember.

Rebecca (in pink shirt) and me.
Rebecca (in pink shirt) and me.

She then moved away to KL when she got married and we seemed to have lost touch until we found each other one day online.

And then she told me she needed a website to promote her new book.

So we recommended Redbox Easyweb to her because she could write. She could easily update her own website anytime, anywhere. She could quickly make changes to her website.

And most of all, it’s a great way to start out online because it’s affordable and all-inclusive (ready website, web hosting and domain name in one unbeatable price).

So now she’s not only a good friend, she’s also a client!

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