We’re Actually Here to Help You Get More Customers

I read this story of David Butler and I instantly thought, wow. Imagine a designer who helps coordinate the design for one of the biggest brands in the world, who does not have a shred of ego, and does not lapse into design speak. And best part of all, he’s … Read more

How to Market Your Business using Facebook

Another excellent article I read while browsing the Net. From “How to market your business using Facebook”, here are some key takeaway points: 1. What’s your goal for creating a Facebook page? (Like websites, like everything else in life that you want to achieve.) 2. Facebook is not about selling. … Read more

How Big Names Don’t Use The Web

Even luxury brands are now eyeing a slice of the online commerce pie. Which is actually not so strange as people are getting more and more access to the Internet, with Internet shopping being the norm rather than the exception. Even in Malaysia. What’s funny is that it took such … Read more

Is Your Camera a Hammer?

I read this interview and thought it most apt to share here especially when I see that so many people can afford to buy their own cameras these days. And I am most certainly NOT talking about simple point-and-shoot cameras. No, the cameras I am referring to are those used … Read more

Why Text Still Rules…Online

Thanks to a friend, I got wind of this TIME article which talked about why we look at some ads and not others. If you’ve got time, go read “Why we look at some web ads and not others” . If you don’t have time, this is a quick summary. … Read more