The Agony of Finding Right People

jigsawpuzzleWe are up to our eardrums in work but I guess you would have known that by now. Our poor blog take a back seat when things get really mad and busy around here.

We’re also sussing out potential employees (you really don’t know how hard it is to find people who can speak English properly with some brains and I mean this really sympathetically without a shred of sarcasm in my voice).

The issues of human resource is always a field of exploding landmines even before one steps into it.

Over the past few weeks, graduates have written in and asked for jobs but I am closing my eyes in pure amazement.

I wonder what is taught, I mean, really, really taught in universities these days. From 4 year programme to 3 year programme, I bet everything has shrunk considerably.

Especially Quality.

We get resumes from people who can’t string a proper sentence together, never mind hold a lovely conversation with you. Their words don’t sound like words. Their emails are strangely gobbledegook. They’ll pen 3 sentences and all 3 contain errors!

Oh my god. (I’ve keeled over many a time now that I’ve stopped keeling anymore.)

Tell me I am not a fussy ass because I am a copywriter.

Tell me I am not a fussy ass because I have a particular affinity with the English language and mangling it seems to be total blasphemy. I can speak Manglish as well as Phua Chu Kang but hey, it does not mean I speak it all the time.

Tell me I am not having too high an expectation for a freshly minted graduate.

Tell me I am just crazy – maybe I can accept that.

But mediocre graduates are everywhere and what is worse, they don’t know they are mediocre! They think they’re the cat’s whiskers and the bee’s knees, no doubt ingrained over the years by doting parents.


The Brain thing.

And the Etiquette thing.

And the Attitude thing.

It’s almost as if they’re all mutually exclusive – you get Brains without Etiquette/Attitude, or you get Etiquette/Attitude without Brains. Add to this stew of complexity, you get bad English too.

Good grief!

And let us not even broach the subject of “I don’t have a portfolio to show”.

(Hey, does anyone start with a portfolio? If you don’t have a design portfolio to show or don’t know how to get one, here’s a tip: go do work for free and build your portfolio up, one by one, bit by bit. You’re young, you can hack it.)

Ah yes, the complexities of hiring good people, especially people who can be designers with commonsense and passable language skills!

PS: We’re looking for copywriters as well as web designers who can code manually without using software like Macromedia Dreamweaver. Yup, we’re old skool but we don’t believe in shortcuts, especially when it matters. Our interview process is simple: we do it via Skype first before we shortlist you for a face-to-face interview.

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