Latest Website Launch…Adventist iLASIK

This is among many of the websites we’re working on simultaneously these days! (Did I say simultaneously? Yes, it’s absolutely crazy!)

You can see the live website at

And finally we launched it just yesterday afternoon after proofreading it till our eyes (and the Adventist marketing team’s eyes) almost popped.

Adventist’s Online Marketing Tool

This website belongs to the Adventist Vision Centre, a centre of excellence under the Penang Adventist Hospital umbrella. They are in the business of giving you back your 20/20 vision especially if you are shortsighted, longsighted or have astigmatism.

Each website launch does not mean our roles end. In fact, it has just begun!

After it is launched, we take full responsibility in helping our clients maintain their website besides being their consultant on all matters pertaining to the inner workings of their website which is now going to be their marketing tool.

A marketing tool needs to be sharpened ever so often and that’s why a website is your best marketing tool – if you haven’t realized it yet.

We worked closely with the Adventist team so it is as much their pride and joy as well as ours.

As design as well as content strategists, we help them to research, write and place their most enticing content on the website in ways that encourage their potential customers to contact them for eye pre-assessments (which is free by the way).

The design of the website is done in such a way that their best points are highlighted (see their 10 great reasons). Or take a good look at the FAQ page in which we painstakingly put potential customers’ fears to rest.

The Design Challenge: Lots of Information!

One of the challenges was this: this website contains lots of technical information. We could even now join the Adventist marketing team and help them sell during their roadshows – that is how much information we’ve absorbed and digested in the course of building this website.

Digesting information is completely useless if we did not use this information in the best way possible. It’s a crime to take all the content and slap them on the website.

We digest the information, then pick and choose only the delectable ones (useful and relevant to Adventist’s customers) and put the best online.

Even their iLASIK videos were edited through to focus on what were relevant to the potential iLASIK patients.

What did they most need to watch to feel reassured that iLASIK was the treatment for them? Was it the fact that it is the most advanced procedure, one that’s approved by NASA for its astronauts?

The idea is this: the website has to contain just enough information to answer all its customers’ questions. Not too little – websites with too little content aren’t worth visiting anyway. Not too much – too much information turns people off unless you’re really interested in undergoing this full laser eye correction surgery. Now if you’re interested in iLASIK, I bet you’ll be reading and re-reading these pages!

Psstt… Here’s The Secret Of A Successful Website

For any website to succeed online, it is the CONTENT that makes the difference. While design is cool, it is the substance (in the form of content) that will convert visitors into customers.

Think of design as the icing on a cake. Without the cake (which is your content) there’s no point in eating the cake is there? You’ll just be eating empty calories!

But if you can get both Design and Content, why not? 😉

And with all modesty, I say, this is where we shine.

We help our clients shine because we can combine the best of both web design and web content.

I sometimes think we’re like diamond cutters and polishers – we take a raw lump of unbuffed precious stone and polish it. But we can only do this for you if you know your business well and know your USP. If you have a business that doesn’t have anything special, we cannot help you shine. We cannot turn a lump of coal into a diamond.

Anyway, I’ve got to stop blogging now. More website development projects are a-calling!

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