Latest Website Launch…Adventist iLASIK

This is among many of the websites we’re working on simultaneously these days! (Did I say simultaneously? Yes, it’s absolutely crazy!) You can see the live website at And finally we launched it just yesterday afternoon after proofreading it till our eyes (and the Adventist marketing team’s eyes) almost … Read more

How SMIDEC Can Help Your Business

We were at Radin’s Action Business Centre last Wednesday to listen to a short talk by Encik Tajul Ariffin bin Jamaluddin, the (new) SMIDEC Director for the Northern region. I’ve heard much about SMIDEC grants but never got the true picture of what is was and how it could boost … Read more

What Web Designers Hate Hearing From Clients

Oh I love this article! It encapsulates what we groan and moan about all the time. I wish I could’ve written it but I didn’t. It is a magnificent piece of writing and if you’re in the design or creative industry, every word speaks to your heart. You’ll nod like … Read more

The Agony of Finding Right People

We are up to our eardrums in work but I guess you would have known that by now. Our poor blog take a back seat when things get really mad and busy around here. We’re also sussing out potential employees (you really don’t know how hard it is to find … Read more

How Twitter Helped This Business

Marsha and I were tweeting today about P1 Wimax, the newest Internet service provider among the not-so-many service providers around. Well, this is Malaysia Land. Apa boleh buat? We’re at the mercy of internet providers. I didn’t start off wanting to tweet about this company but 2 things prompted me … Read more

Celebrating October

We’ve been extremely busy at Redbox Studio. We’ve been creating website after website without a break. While most businesses I know are suffering from lack, we’ve been doubly blessed with abundant referrals from clients and friends. I’ve even received calls from KL asking about our web copywriting services! (Which I … Read more