The Story of EcalShop

Most of our clients’ feedback are completely unsolicited and most of them will ring us up or email us when they get positive news as a result of using our website design services.

Just 2 weeks ago, I got a lovely surprise when Grace told me excitedly that she had received a huge order of her Vietnam products via her website. Grace is a Vietnamese who is currently residing in Penang as she’s married to a Malaysian. I got to know her about 2 years ago when she joined WomenBizSense, a businesswomen’s group which I started together with another good friend.

Anyway, Grace became a client of ours because she wanted a website to promote her Vietnam handicrafts, Christian gifts and Christian crafts. Her customers were other businesses particularly distributors and shops.

As she had a limited budget, I recommended that she use our budget website solution called Redbox Easyweb system. This was basically a DIY website where we set up a simple website but she had to type in content on her own.

At the same time, she was also helping Vietnamese factory workers (especially those who had come to Malaysia and got involved in trouble or were left high and dry by their employers) and this left her very little time to update her own website. At one point, she considered hiring a college student to help her update her website.

Finally she asked if she could upgrade her website to something a little less DIY. I told her she could because if she wanted to leave the website maintenance work to our team, it would be much better for her as she really couldn’t find time to update her product catalogue. At this time too her business was growing and she definitely needed more help!

Once we identified her needs, we set about creating a website that inspired trust. If you go online, you will see lots of websites selling Vietnam arts and crafts and each one is no different from the next.

The challenge was to put her website in a class of its own. We wanted to create her a website where her customers can immediately see how she’s different, easily browse her products and contact her for ordering or shipping details.

She has a great unique selling proposition – her products are truly 100% handmade from Vietnam (she sources from villages in Vietnam) and her business supports the work she does with Vietnamese migrant workers in Malaysia.

This meant digging up the fantastic details about her work with her fellow countrymen and countrywomen, her involvement in sourcing direct from the villagers who make these products, her goals for starting the business and lots more. Then we had to tell her story in a way that everyone could understand (the world wide web may be in English but lots of users are not native speakers of English so the level of English has to suit everyone).

It’s easy to design a website but it’s a challenge designing a website which helps people buy. Plus we had to take the information she gave us and write it in a way that appealed to her market.

How do we tell her story in a meaningful way without going all dramatic about helping Vietnamese migrant workers?

How do we instill confidence in her customers the moment they land on her website?

How do we sort and categorize her products so it’s easy for her customers to choose which to order?

How do we weave in her own personal story without being too personal?

This is the challenge of design and copywriting.

Good design is always about marrying meaningful content and intuitive design. It predicts what the user will do and offers up what the users need without being too obtrusive.

Understanding human psychology is one way to know how humans react online. (Actually how they react online and offline are quite the same. It’s just that the medium is different.) When we understand how humans react, we can create a website that gets users to do what the website wants them to do.

But how does this work for clients like Grace?

She no longer has to worry about updating her website as we gently remind her about updating it every 3 months!

Whenever she wants anything updated, all she needs to do is email to us and we’ll get the job done within 3 days. In fact, we work as her trusted web partner – she can ask for advice regarding her website and she can get answers immediately. The biggest benefit is she can now focus fully on running her business and helping more migrant workers without worrying if her website’s outdated.

In this video below, watch as Grace tells how she netted 2 overseas customers using her website.

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